The Volvo XC60 is the middle brother of the Swedish automaker’s SUV products but that does not mean safe choice for someone who wants something bigger than the Volvo XC40 but can’t afford the XC90. The new Volvo XC60 simply stands on its own merits as the SUV  you should want. And, even better, it looks more alluring and beautifully designed than the other Volvo SUV models.

The XC60 is a mid-size SUV crossover with a uniquely Scandinavian character. Innovative, intuitive technology connects you and your car with the world. Its cabin blends exceptional craftsmanship with everyday versatility and puts you in command at the wheel. A sophisticated chassis balances comfort and control, while our latest safety technology helps protect what’s important to you.

The interior is an effortless blend of form and function, something you can expect with cool as ice Scandinavian design. An uncluttered layout creates a calm, inspiring space that means you can enjoy the drive safely and without distraction, while savouring the unique sense of Swedish luxury that surrounds you.

Diamond-pattern finishes for the air vents’ control knobs, starter button, driving mode controller and steering wheel controls delight the senses, while carefully chosen materials are another example of an interior defined by contemporary craftsmanship. Inscription trim includes decor in Driftwood – a unique wood treatment that is satisfying to look at and touch, and which references Volvo Cars’ Swedish heritage.

Let there be light

The panoramic roof available for the XC60 floods the cabin with light. It’s long enough that those in both front and rear seats can enjoy the view of the sky above them, and it is made from special tinted glass that reduces the transmission of unwanted heat and UV radiation. A power-operated sunshade makes it easy to keep strong light out if necessary, while the front section of the roof can be tilted or opened to provide extra ventilation. The roof can be closed using either the remote control lock button or, for cars with keyless entry, the door handle button.

Driving in the Volvo XC60  is also made light by the choices of drive modes that allow one  to adapt the driving experience to ones needs. You can switch between three default settings for the engine, automatic gearbox, steering, brakes, stability control system and engine stop/start function. And you can create your own combination with Individual mode. You simply toggle through the drive settings – which are displayed on the 9-inch centre display – using the roller control between the front seats.

Sheer driving pleasure  is nailed the XC60’s chassis that delivers exceptional comfort and control. Sophisticated double wishbone front suspension and integral-link rear suspension use strong, lightweight materials, to help provide agile handling and responsive steering.

Loading and space

Thoughtfully designed seats maximise rear legroom, while the load compartment is well shaped, with a volume of 505 litres to the top of the backrest and up to 1,432 litres when rear backrests are folded. Backrests that fold down electrically are an option.

Loading and unloading is easier with the power-operated tailgate available for the XC60. It allows you to open or close the tailgate by pressing a button on the car’s remote control, tailgate or dashboard. When combined with the keyless entry option it also offers a hands-free function that means you can even open or shut the tailgate by simply moving your foot under the rear bumper.

Nobody is perfect, that’s reality of life. However, I can’t point out even one negative thing about the new Volvo XC60, a beauty with brains.


Volvo XC60 D4 AWD Inscription                 R822,500             

Volvo XC60 D4 AWD Momentum              R771,500

Volvo XC60 D4 AWD R-Design                     R820,000             

Volvo XC60 D5 AWD Inscription                 R915,600

Volvo XC60 D5 AWD Momentum              R864,600

Volvo XC60 D5 AWD R-Design                     R913,100

Volvo XC60 T5 AWD Inscription                  R867,200

Volvo XC60 T5 AWD Momentum               R816,200

Volvo XC60 T5 AWD R-Design                     R864,700

Volvo XC60 T6 AWD Inscription                  R926,300

Volvo XC60 T6 AWD R-Design                     R923,800

Purchased with a maintenance plan and warranty, both spanning 5 years/100 000 km. Services are every 12 months, or 20 000 km.

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