Insurance that pays out more if you don’t claim? Imagine
that. Meet OneSpark. We’re something new. We’re the new insurer on the block that’s
completely re-inventing insurance, backed by global giants.
A new age life insurer that’s just stepped out of stealth mode and into the limelight,
with world-first products aimed at uplifting and empowering South Africans to lead
better lives.
OneSpark’s founders, Greg Smith & Josh Kaplan have always been purpose-driven,
passionate South African entrepreneurs. They have lived their lives under the belief that
life is not about chasing immaterial objects, but about constantly searching for new ways
to help people and society live better, more equitable and more prosperous lives. That’s
why they became actuaries, designed dozens of award-winning insurance and financial
services products, helped national treasury model the funding requirements for the
FeesMustFall crisis, created one of South Africa’s largest and first Social Impact Bonds and
finally, started OneSpark, an insurance company (only for now…) with one purpose: to
continuously innovate for the betterment of their clients and the pursuit of a better world.
“We saw that the current insurance landscape for the lowest earning and most vulnerable
members of society was exploitive, making large profits at the expense of the consumer.

By and large, there has been little-to-no-innovation in the insurance space for middle-tolower-income earners in South Africa, with product choice typically restricted to funeral
cover alone despite the fact that this market segment has their own complex financial
needs and experience severe financial consequences if they experience a life changing
event. So, we decided to change this narrative and innovate in an area that the insurance
sector has forgotten and neglected, with world-first products that uplift and empower
individuals to lead better lives.” Shares Josh Kaplan.

OneSpark Insurance has flipped the traditional funeral cover concept on its head, with
their Millionaire Funeral Plan. It’s a Funeral Plan. Just a million times better. You get
R50,000 if you claim and R1 million cash if you don’t. From only 99 cents a day.*
They’ve also created world-first, patented, products that allow you to protect your key
living expenses if you pass away or suffer a disability, with massive payouts if you don’t
claim which you can use to change your family’s lives forever.
Ever wanted to own your dream car? With the Dream Car plan you’re covered if you claim,
and if you don’t, you get R500,000 cash to help buy your dream car. From only R1.50 a
Want your child to become the doctor, lawyer or engineer that they’ve always dreamt of?
It’s now possible. With OneSpark’s University Wallet Plan you protect your children’s
education if you claim, and if you don’t, you get R250,000 cash to help send them to
university. Form only R3 per day.*
They’re also the insurer that can put food and groceries on the table for years, so you can
focus on the things that matter in life. You get R100,000 cash if you don’t claim with the
Five-Star Food Plan. From only R1.50 per day *
‘We are on mission to make life insurance quicker, more accessible, smarter and fair…
because traditional life insurance just isn’t’’ states Greg Smith.
Stay tuned for our next groundbreaking products, including our soon-to-launch world-first

(you’re going to have to wait and see) life insurance.

For further information and to sign up, visit
Change your life, become a millionaire with OneSpark



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