In a bid to meet the needs of the changing socio-economic landscape in the pandemic environment, PPC in partnership with the Temba Bavuma Foundation has provided food, face masks, stationeries and sanitary packages valued at R25000 to 30 women and 18 children from the Frida Hartley Women Shelter. Committed to empowering the community through the women’s month initiative, the partners have come together to give the community sustainable value that encourages them to experience a better quality of life.

Rajesh Harripersadh, General Manager Inland Sales at PPC RSA explained, “As we mark Women’s Month in the global pandemic, we have an opportunity to reflect on why this month is significant to us and the women of South Africa. When our women took the steps to march in 1956 to the Union Buildings, we as PPC were in awe of how they demonstrated that together we are stronger. Aware of the role food and nutrition plays in promoting the well-being and social progress in the lives of our communities, we took this step to empower Frida Hartley Women Shelter providing the basic necessities to the shelter”.

The contribution to Frida Hartley Women Shelter forms part of PPC and the Temba Bavuma Foundation’s efforts to empower South African women and future leaders. As a business that has been recognized for driving women in mining and production of cement and materials, PPC’s contribution forms part of its efforts to make a difference in the lives of the women and children across the country.

“We are facing different and unprecedented times; the lockdown has been challenging for us as a country and people hit hardest are those vulnerable. The donation of the food parcels, sanitary and face masks came at the right time, we are thankful for PPC and Temba Bavuma Foundation for this donation. It will go a long way in addressing our immediate needs of the women and children at Frida Hartley Women Shelter,” says Cheryl N Hlabane, Center Operation Manager at Frida Hartley Women Shelter.

The Temba Bavuma Foundation and PPC have created improved access to life-changing skills and confidence through a partnership that has continued to enrich the lives of our women and future leaders.

“The month of August gives us a unique opportunity to take a closer look at how we support the women and children in our society. Our collective efforts today provide them with the confidence that they are not forgotten by us. We thank our partners PPC for always being willing to work with us and the community by providing the right support at the right time thereby giving our beneficiaries a new and renewed lease on life,” explains Temba Bavuma, founder of the Temba Bavuma Foundation.

“Our 4-year partnership with the Temba Bavuma Foundation has empowered the communities near the PPC factory where we operate.  As a business that is committed to building stronger communities, we welcomed the opportunity to make a positive contribution,” concluded Harripersadh.

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