On the 19th November, King Korn hosted an exclusive event at Thunder Walker beautiful heritage building in the heart of Johannesburg. The launch was to celebrate the collaboration
of two generations, commemorating King Korn’s rich cultural history through the recreation of a classic
song and music video. The space displayed a rustic and vintage interior, splashed with modern décor,
styled in the classic green and yellow colours of King Korn.
Following the lockdown, and the current global pandemic, there has been a deeper longing to bring
back the spirit of celebration, cultural pride and to go back to the basics of Ubuntu. Our heritage has
shown us that there are more ways we can share and be together and this launch brought out the
essence of cultural sharing touchpoints that left our audience with goosebumps, joy and happiness.
The evening was unified by a performance group, men and women called UDUMO, who performed the
Umqombothi song through a traditional African dance, followed by an exceptionally talented praise poet,
Zamoh Cofi, who recited a gripping poem around African sentiments and the beauty of our ancestorial
backgrounds, whilst incorporating the King Korn narrative of bringing two generations together,
beginning with our traditions.
The official newly released music video featuring the Iconic Mam Yvonne Chaka Chaka and afrosoul
star Amanda Black was presented showcasing the passing of the calabash through music. The
exclusive video represented the two embracing their individual cultural pride. King Korn couldn’t think
of a more powerful song and collaboration that reflects their brand, brings people together, speaks to
heritage and celebrates what makes King Korn truly and uniquely South African. King Korn hopes to
contribute to the spirit of celebration during the upcoming festive season in a safe and positive manner.

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