On 1 October 2020 fitness lifestyle and wellness brand *Model Fitness by
Palesa Masiteng* unveiled the reveal of its latest exciting product.

*Introducing Model Fitness Pure Collagen Powder*

The brand has unveiled the newest member in the fitness family, the Pure
Collagen Powder. Collagen peptides are created from the metabolism of
hydrolysate extracted from animal sources i.e Bovine. These peptides are
easily absorbed within the digestive system stimulating innate collagen
production within the body itself. As the most abundant protein in the
body, it is attributed as a major component of connective tissues that make
up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscles.

Collagen supplementation contributes to general wellness including skin
health and hydration, improved joint mobility, muscle tone and strength,
optimal gut health, and improves the quality of sleep.

*Model Fitness by Palesa Masiteng*, established in 2018, aims to- as a
business, -promote holistic wellness through self-care.

“We are driven to motivate and encourage women to fall in love with
themselves and their body by choosing to live an active and
healthy lifestyle. The relationship you have with the body will determine
the level  of commitment, consistency and investment you make toward
achieving your body goals, but most importantly to having a better
self-image of who you are,” commented founder Palesa Masiteng.

Boasting over 2 decades in the model industry, Masiteng knows the struggle
women face with how they view their bodies, but also the great opportunity
that lies on the other side of self-doubt. This is why she has made it her
mission to help women make this transition. “Because when you look good,
you feel good…”

When she’s not being a professional model, Masiteng is an avid fitness
enthusiast, wellness speaker and popular tv presenter.

*Product information*

Preservative-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

28 Servings per 200g tub

Bovine source.

Halal friendly

Retailing at R370 The Model Fitness Pure Collagen is now available for
purchase online at www.modelfitness.co.za and at Luxury Boutique Salon
Greenside- Johannesburg.

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