With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to get creepy with The Crazy Store. Unleash your crazy side with scary decorations, sweets for the trick-or-treaters and everything you need to take your dress-up game to a new level of spooky.

Set the scene with decorations and turn your home into a ghoul worthy gathering – foil and latex balloons, themed lanterns and banners, LED pumpkin lights and decorative cloths will ensure you have the spookiest house on the street.

When it comes to dressing up, The Crazy Store has you and the littles covered with an array of options. Sparkle it up with witches hats and wizard capes, keep it scary with vampire teeth and skeleton stockings or bag a dragon mask and wings set!

Go full incognito with horror, monster, pumpkin and clown masks! Finish off your freaky look with fake blood, injury tattoos, hair spray, face paint sets, as well as a skull bucket to store your candy stash.

Last but certainly not least, you can stock up on sweets with vampire fang gummies, spooky gummies and terror eye gum balls for all your neighbourhood trick-or-treaters. With over 400 stores nationwide, The Crazy Store has everything you could ever WITCH for, and more!

For more information, visit www.crazystore.co.za<http://www.crazystore.co.za>, follow @TheCrazyStoreSA on Instagram, Facebook and @TheCrazyStore on Twitter.

*Offers valid from 15 – 31 October 2021. While stocks last. All promotional prices include any discount.
*The Crazy Store encourages safe Covid-19 protocol and urges all customers to wear their masks, sanitise their hands and follow WHO best practice measures.
*The Crazy Store stands by its products so if there is a problem, consider it sorted.

Monster mask, assorted, R49,99 (SKU 366-000107)
[A picture containing mask, goggles  Description automatically generated]

Scary clown mask, R79,99 (SKU 366-000132)

Witches hat, assorted, R49,99 (SKU 366-000463)

[A picture containing headdress, helmet  Description automatically generated]
Bloody gloves, R49,99 (SKU 366-004032)
[A pair of pink gloves  Description automatically generated with low confidence]

Bloody butcher knife headband, assorted, R39,99 (SKU 366-004035)

[A picture containing person, person  Description automatically generated]

Vampire blood & teeth, R24,99 (SKU 366-004047)
[A picture containing tool  Description automatically generated]
Bat wings, R49,99 (SKU 366-000902)
Sparkly Witches Hat assorted, R19,99 (SKU 366-000133)
Tutu assorted, R69,99 (SKU 366-000116)
Skull Bucket (excludes candy), R29,99 (SKU 006-000766)
[A picture containing skirt  Description automatically generated]

Wizard Cape & Hat set assorted, R99,99 (SKU 366-000464)
[A picture containing accessory  Description automatically generated]

Dragon Mask & Wings set assorted, R49,99 (SKU 366-000903)

[A person wearing a mask  Description automatically generated with medium confidence]

Dracula Cape, R89,99 (SKU 366-000461)
Vampire Blood & Teeth, R24,99 (SKU 366-004047)
Bloody Bow Tie, R29,99 (SKU 366-004031)


Face paint with applicator, 6-piece, R19,99 (SKU 366-006104)
Hair spray, assorted, R29,99 each (SKU 006-00618)
[A picture containing text, bottle  Description automatically generated] [A picture containing bottle  Description automatically generated]

Spooky gummies mix, 450g, R59,99 (SKU 903-001235)

[A picture containing drink  Description automatically generated]

Skull headband, assorted, R24,99 (SKU 366-000458)
[A picture containing colorful  Description automatically generated]
Face tattoos, assorted, R19,99 each (SKU 366-004045)
Halloween themed banner, assorted, R29,99 (SKU 565-008012)

[Shape  Description automatically generated]
Battery operated LED lights, 10 lights; Excludes batteries, R99,99 (SKU 565-00802)

[A picture containing text  Description automatically generated]

Air Filled Balloons with Stick, 35cm; assorted, R14,99 each (SKU 006-000183-A/B)

[A picture containing LEGO, toy  Description automatically generated][cid:image020.jpg@01D7BF56.D3FB3F70]

Foils balloons 45cm; assorted, R19,99 each (SKU 006-000184-A/B)
[Logo  Description automatically generated with medium confidence]  [A picture containing text, lamp, aircraft, drum  Description automatically generated]

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