To commemorate Transport Month in October, SA Taxi and Autoboys have
collaborated on an awareness campaign that advocates for enhanced road
safety, celebrates the role that public transport plays in South Africa’s
economic prosperity, and adds value to local taxi industry.

“We developed the collaborative Transport Month campaign to give thanks and
show appreciation for the resolve and resilience demonstrated by the
minibus taxi industry to keep the economy moving over the national lockdown
period,” explains Maroba Maduma, Communications Executive at SA Taxi.

As part of the campaign, Autoboys has pledged to fix 1,000 repairable taxi
windscreen chips at any one of its 72 auto glass fitment centres, at no
cost to the taxi operator. SA Taxi has also sponsored an additional 1,000
taxi windscreen chip repairs as a contribution to this initiative.

“Windscreen chips can easily become cracks in the glass, but we can
generally repair chips with early intervention. This will help avoid the
more costly alternative of replacing a windscreen entirely,” explains
Autoboys CEO, Filum Ho.

“Cracks can cause light refraction and obstruct the driver’s view, which
decreases visibility and compromises safety on the road. Fractures can also
weaken the glass, which can shatter in a collision, and reduces the
structural integrity of the vehicle, both of which pose increased danger to
the driver and passengers.”

Any obstruction of the driver’s view, such as a crack, also constitutes a
traffic law violation, which could result in a fine.

“It is, therefore, best to have any windscreen damage checked and repaired
by professionals as soon as possible,” adds Ho.

Autoboys’ expert technicians can repair auto glass in just 15 minutes and
operators will be able to drive their minibus taxi immediately afterwards,
which means minimal time off the road.

“Repairing a chip before it causes more damage is a proactive, inexpensive
and effective means to mitigate more severe issues and costs down the line,
while also improving safety. These simple measures can have a big impact on
the sector, which why we have targeted this initiative,” adds Maduma.

The offer is available for the month of October and is open to the entire
taxi industry, not just SA Taxi clients.

However, to qualify for this free offer, taxi operators must be members of
our innovative SA Taxi Rewards programme, which carries no cost and offers
immense value with cash-back rewards on fuel and parts purchases.

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