For all those who are ready to give a new lease of life to the automotive world, PEUGEOT is unveiling the new 2008 SUV.As an enthusiastic and fierce supporter of PEUGEOT’s brand vision of an exciting future, it is the ultra-modern interpretation of an instinctive and versatile driving experience.A genuine SUV in its dimensions, it clashes with a particularly powerful and distinctive style.Ultra-technological, it adopts the new generation of immersive PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® 3D, with equipment and driving aids designed by the best know-how PEUGEOT has to offer.The world is changing. New challenges call for new answers throughout the automotive industry. With its 210 years of history, the PEUGEOT brand is calmly pursuing its commitment in the era of the energy transition.Our exciting and reassuring vision of the future is confirmed once again by the new SUV PEUGEOT 2008. It shows that technology and pleasure are not incompatible and that a car has the power to amaze. It turns a trip into a journey and offers everyone the mobility they need.The new PEUGEOT 2008 emerges at the heart of the compact SUV segment, contributing to what is the success of the PEUGEOT range today: affirmation through design and differentiation through innovation and technology.UNBORING THE FUTUREEXALTING SUVPowerful and distinctive in style, the new 2008 PEUGEOT SUV is a sculptural and desirable object. It fulfils the ambition to turn over a new and remarkable page in the history of PEUGEOT SUVs and is fully in line with the current style of the range while displaying its own personality.The balanced lines and overall proportions are those of an SUV, with a recessed windshield that makes the bonnet more horizontal, creating a strong body. The car sits well on its wheels, perfectly shouldered, strong, and reassuring.Statutory and with identity, the front incorporates a proud and straight grille, a carved bonnet and LED daytime running lights that fade under the projector in order to resurface below.The faceted and bold profile immediately catches the eye, with different triangular lines. The result is a lively and incisive style, representing a real technical feat for parts pressing never have flanks had as much volume! These lines end on the tailgate, for an undeniable coherence and overall homogeneity.The style is robust, and even more with the large wheels (690mm), which perfectly fill the arches. The 18” rims have added inserts with three advantages: easier customization, significant weight gain (4 kg across all wheels) and better aerodynamics.A clear upgrade in quality and elegance with the two-tone Black Diamond black headlining, black window strip and the silk-screened C-pillar on the GT Line.Muscular with a high beltline, the rear end includes lights connected by a black strip with dual exhaust pipes on the PureTech 130 & 155.As expressive as always, the signature with 3 LED claws is once again a feature here. Be it day and night, you will find it on the back on all versions and in the projectors of high-end versions. Depending on the destination, the headlights will use LED technology on all finishes.In addition to the usual offer, striking and distinctive exterior shades are available and add even more tone to the style:Elixir Red, with a coloured varnish to enhance the depth and colour of the shade,Vertigo Blue, three-layers for a super bright finish,Fusion Orange, a new metallic colour exclusive for the new SUV PEUGEOT 2008.Down with monotony! Inside, the colours and materials are meticulously detailed, skilfully combining noble materials and original colours.subtle, the doors panels decoration includes Orange (on Active) or Blue (on Allure) tampo-printing,technical sophistication and freshness in the Allure version, with modern “Urbanoïd” light blue upholstery,dynamic, the GT Line versions offer a chic atmosphere, enhanced by isolated Adamite,This cosy interior is embellished on the GT Line with bright decorations on the dashboard and the doors panels that have 8 colours that can be picked via the touch screen.EXTENDED EXPERIENCEIntuitive versatility and controlled comfortThe spaciousness of the rear seats (a new record for the new CMP platform) makes the new SUV PEUGEOT 2008 a particularly versatile SUV. Its length of 4.30m and its wheelbase of 2.60m also give it a comfortable boot volume until 434 L (VDA V210). The modularity is ensured by a two-position floor (depending on versions) which provides a virtually flat floor once the bench is folded.With a variety of new storage on board, you will be able to keep everything you need on a daily basis with you. In addition to the traditional door pockets and the glove box, there is ample storage space under the front centre armrest and more in front of the gear stick. Additionally, there is more discreet storage at the bottom of the central console. There you will find the very convenient induction charging area and its lid, which in an open position can cleverly hold a smartphone.Passengers will also enjoy a passenger compartment full of sunlight thanks to the optional sunroof, offering a wide clear bay. Its opening to the outside preserves the spaciousness for people in the back.Even more technological: the new PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® 3DThe PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® is still based on the same fundamentals and offers flawless ergonomics for awakening the senses:a compact steering wheel, for better handling and better grip,a large HD touch screen at your fingertips,and now an innovative 3D heads-up receiver,A favourite of our customers and currently present in 5 million PEUGEOT vehicles around the world, it is a wholly new interpretation which currently equips the new SUV PEUGEOT 2008.Information is placed in the driver’s line of sight. Depending on the version, the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® 3D instrument cluster projects it like a hologram. The indications are dynamic and animated: they get closer to the eye depending on their degree of importance or urgency, thereby increasing reactivity by around half a second. Unveiled on the new PEUGEOT 208, the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® 3D is a real innovation, a world first in the segment. It improves driving in every way: efficiency, readability, and safety are at an all-time high.The touch screen can be 10 inches diagonally depending on the version, and it is controlled via touch shortcuts placed next to Toggle Switches or with the new voice command.Accuracy and credibility abound since, in addition to sight, touch is also required when using foamed plastics on the dashboard as well as sophisticated and pleasant materials in many places, such as Alcantara® or Nappa® leather. The door panels and dashboard inserts have a “carbon” look, while the EAT8 gearbox control is 100% electric (“shift and park by wire”), allowing easy and intuitive operation. It is complemented by paddles on the wheel for the driver to take over quickly if needed.Modern, connected, and technologicalUnprecedented and even scarce in this segment, the equipment and driving aids are taken from the upper segments and are at the highest level of PEUGEOT brand know-how. It is an impressive technological arsenal, including:Drive Assist plus, which paves the way to semi-autonomous driving. It combines:the lane departure avoidance system, linked to the Lane Positioning making it possible to choose your position in the lane,the adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go function in EAT8 automatic gearbox,Park Assist that automatically manages the steering when entering and leaving a parking spot, with only 60 cm difference between cars when parked,the latest-generation automatic emergency braking, which also detects pedestrians and cyclists, day, and night, from 5km/h to 140 km/h),active warning of involuntary lane crossing (or the roadside),driver warning alert, recommending a break if necessary,automatic switching of high beam, to focus even more on the road,further recognition of signs (one-way, stop) with recommendation for speed signs,active blind spot monitoring,the electric parking brake.As the co-pilots of everyday life, smartphones will also be in the new 2008. Its information will be integrated into the central screen thanks to Mirror Screen compatibility including MirrorLink™ connection protocols, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.In addition to the induction charging zone, up to 4 USB sockets are available depending on the version (2 in the front including one USB-C and 2 on the back).The routes will be optimized with TomTom® Traffic connected 3D navigation, which gives real-time traffic status and recalculates routes automatically. The driver will also be informed about risk areas, surrounding points of interest.The most demanding music lovers will be pleased; the music lovers will be delighted. Developed in partnership with the French high-end specialist in high-fidelity sound FOCAL®, the premium Hi-Fi system of the new SUV PEUGEOT 2008 is the result of more than 3 years of work. Already present in the Hi-Fi versions of the PEUGEOT 3008, 5008 and 508, this premium equipment is now available on the new SUV PEUGEOT 2008. In addition to an optimal acoustic layout, the 10 loudspeakers use technologies patented FOCAL® usually reserved living room installations: 4 aluminium inverted dome tweeters, four 165mm Polyglass woofers, 1 Polyglass central speaker and a Power Flower™ triple coil subwoofer. They are paired with a 12-channel 515 W amplifier, providing a detailed, rich, and dynamic music scene.EXCITING CHOICEBased on the new and efficient modular platform of latest generation CMP (Common Modular Platform), the new SUV PEUGEOT 2008 is a multi-energy vehicle. It offers the freedom to choose the type of motorization according to your needs and own uses: 100% electric, petrol, or diesel.For a la carte driving, it has a driving modes selector depending on the version: “Eco”, “Normal” and “Sport”.To escape even further, the optional Grip Control will be connected with the hill assist descent control (HADC) to perfectly and safely control your vehicle and its trajectory in steep slopes.Efficiency was the cornerstone of the development, all engines receive controlled air intakes, directed air flow wheels or even a streamlined underbody, all for a controlled air flow, and therefore an optimised air penetration coefficient.The range is available in 3 levels of finish: Active, Allure and GT Line, all available in thermical.The high-end GT Line has distinctive stylistic attributes:full LED projectors with 3-claw light signature,diamond 18” aluminium wheels with inserts,meticulously detailed interior: black trim, Adamite colour stitching, mood lighting, dynamic seats, aluminium pedals.Efficient and responsible: the combustion engines meet the latest Euro 6 standards.In line with the latest Euro 6 standards, the internal combustion engines feature the latest technological advances of the PEUGEOT brand and are all equipped with Stop & Start and a particle filter.For even more ease and driving comfort, some of these engines can be linked with the latest 8-speed automatic gearbox (EAT8).The petrol engines are structured around the 3 cylinder-engine, a 1.2L engine size and adherence to the Euro 6d standard:PureTech 100 S&S BVM6,PureTech 130 S&S BVM6 or EAT8,Peugeot 2008 is produced at the Stellantis Vigo plant in Spain

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