With busy work and life schedules, having a smartphone that can take notes as quickly as it can snap a beautiful picture is a capability we’re suddenly unwilling to compromise on. It’s a good thing then that LG’s latest wave of smartphones have top-tier specs, can communicate faster, and increase the potential for creativity.

The LG V60 is one such example of a smartphone that can do all that – and much more. Whether you’re using it for entertainment, to complete work tasks, or to capture and share special moments, this nifty device with active pen support, dual screen, and 5G capabilities has pretty much got you covered.

Jot it down

If increasing productivity is a top priority, the LG V60 with active pen support is the ideal solution to get things done on the move – especially when pulling out a laptop isn’t an option. It provides hours of note-taking comfort on pre-installed apps like QMemo+ and can help you refine your picture-editing skills and manipulate dimensions, turning you into a creative ninja.

First, make sure the active pen supports active electrostatic (AES) digitiser technology. Then select a pen that fits your hand like any other writing instrument. The result? You get to create and interact with handwritten and typed notes, sketches, and drawings like never before via a straightforward interface that maximises note-taking accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency.

Freedom to choose

There’s no denying that the LG V60 with active pen support is a productive powerhouse, but it’s about to get even better. Introducing a detachable LG dual screen that lets you work, play, and multitask like never before. Simply detach the second screen when you don’t need it, or use it and enjoy the benefits of an extra display.

The dual screen means you can attend online meetings and make notes without toggling back and forth between apps. Need to do some research for a project? Use the dual screen and jot down notes on one side while browsing the internet on the other. Or follow a recipe online while you watch the how-to video on YouTube. The options really are endless, and the best part is you get to choose what suits your needs best.

Create a connection

This is all made so much sweeter with the LG V60’s 5G compatibility. With faster download and upload speeds, expect higher quality videos to upload to social media platforms, crystal clear image rendering, and real-time notifications when someone updates a meeting request. Essentially, 5G will make everything you do on your LG V60 virtually instantaneous and hassle free.

With so much potential neatly packed in a stylish device, the LG V60 promises better productivity and ultimate creativity. To find out more about it, visit the LG website<https://www.lg.com/za/mobile-phones/lg-LMV600EA> today.

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