FUTURELIFE®, a brand leader in the South African functional food market, has launched its High Protein Shake, an innovative ready-to-drink nutritious shake that offers a new dimension of convenience for consumers.

Small enough to fit into lunch boxes and handbags, FUTURELIFE®’s High Protein Shake is packaged in a revolutionary dual pouch system.  With purified water on one side of the pouch and FUTURELIFE®’s high protein, nutrient dense powder on the other – a simple squeeze, pop and shake mixes the contents and delivers a delicious shake that can be enjoyed straight from the pouch.

As it doesn’t require refrigeration and has a long shelf life, this high-protein Shake will appeal to people who have busy lifestyles, are physically active and eat on-the-go says Mark Bunn, Managing Director at FUTURELIFE® South Africa.

“Of the requests received from consumers about product development, the one that is top of mind for many consumers – especially those who take their exercise seriously – has been a quick and easy protein alternative,” Mark explains. “These are people who want to increase their protein intake to meet increased protein requirements and repair muscles after exercise.”

Due to the pivotal role that protein plays in our health and well-being, it is a key feature in most FUTURELIFE® products and has become strongly associated with the FUTURELIFE® brand. For many, protein and muscle are synonymous, and with good reason. Muscle cells themselves contain proteins called actin and myosin that slide past one another, producing muscle contractions. Protein is also needed to repair damage that occurs in muscles during use in exercise or everyday activity. This repair happens through a process called muscle protein synthesis. When muscle protein synthesis outweighs muscle breakdown in the body, the result is muscle growth. Proteins are also a key component of our immune systems and therefore play a vital role in building up our body’s defenses against disease causing bacteria and viruses.

Each serving of FUTURELIFE® High Protein Shake delivers 16 grams of protein. It has been scientifically formulated with SmartProtein3D which is a scientific blend of three protein sources, Whey, Casein and Soy. This combination provides a more balanced, longer lasting amino acid profile than a single protein source, thereby optimising the muscle repair process.

“Due to the nutritional benefits coupled with the single-use hygiene factor, we are expecting that the High Protein Shake will enjoy a far wider reach in the marketplace. It is an ideal supplement that can be used by the whole family and as a result, we will be reaching new consumers which will encourage incremental growth in the category,” Mark says.

The Double Belgian Chocolate flavoured FUTURELIFE® High Protein Shake is currently available at leading retailers throughout South Africa for the RRP of R12.99.

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