As the world slows down to heal and connect with nature, so will the jewellery and fashion we choose to wear. Galaxy & Co<>, the online jewellery offering from TFG, has launched two new collections in April 2021, Mystic Gemstones and the Naturalist Collections.

Available from 21 April, both collections feature beautiful conversation pieces.

The Mystic Gemstones Collection couples the magic of crystal gemstones with beautiful jewellery design. The collection features five different pendants, bracelets, hoop/ charm earrings and five different rings, all plated in 18ct gold.

The five different stones are:

  *   Rose Quartz: The ‘crystal of unconditional love’ representing compassion and optimism.
  *   Green Aventurine: The ‘stone of opportunity’, Green Aventurine symbolises protection, patience and creativity.
  *   Labradorite: An iridescent stone that represents positivity, imagination, and intuition, it is thought to also offer protection against pessimism and negative feelings.
  *   Amethyst: This gemstone is known to be calming and to help protect against negative energy.
  *   Lapis: A beautiful deep blue stone, Lapis signifies honesty, understanding and tranquility. It is also believed to promote wisdom and clarity of thinking – wonderful stone for those who have big decisions to make.

You may find that you are drawn to different stones at different stages of your life and based on your mood. The Mystic Gemstones Collection can help tap into your energy, no matter if you need a confidence boost, to reignite creativity or simply to bring positivity into your life.

The Naturalist Collection features five different flower pendants hanging from a chain necklace (18ct gold plate) and is inspired by the secrete language of flora and fauna.  The collection blends beautiful, dried flower pressings and motifs influenced by wax stamps with contemporary jewellery design.

The Naturalist Collection is the perfect jewellery gift for a loved one, and the necklaces look stunning layered up with other Galaxy coveted collections or worn solo for a simple chic look. Each necklace is a treasured keepsake and evokes memories of walking through wild forests or picking flowers that you love.

The Collection features the following flowers:

  *   Daisy: Innocence and purity, they are believed to have healing and medicinal properties and signify new beginnings, motherhood, or childbirth.
  *   Protea: South Africa’s national flower, the Protea represents diversity and courage.
  *   Orchid: Love, beauty, fertility, strength, integrity and friendship, the orchid is delicate and exotic.
  *   Sunflower: The ‘happy’ flower, sunflowers make the perfect gift representing faith and unconditional love, providing energy in the form of nourishment and vibrancy.
  *   Bird of Paradise: The ultimate symbol of paradise, it is native to South Africa and represents freedom and joy.

Galaxy & Co’s jewellery is designed locally, representing the trends and styles of South Africans. The new collections offer a playfulness and invite you to experiment with layering, stacking and ultimately, wearing it your way, your style.

To shop the Mystic Gemstones and Naturalist Collections or other jewellery from Galaxy & Co, simply visit the website<>, or follow them on Instagram<> for inspiration and updates on new collections.

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