Today, Netflix has released the trailer for Riding With Sugar and if it is
anything to go by, South Africans will be left inspired this holiday
season. The story of Riding With Sugar is one of triumph and hope in the
face of adversity. Written and directed by Cannes Lions Gold winner, Sunu
Gonera and produced by iconic film stalwart Helena Spring
<>, the uniquely African story
is a coming-of-age, feel-good ride about a young refugee’s quest for BMX

The storyline of this YA film encompasses all of the emotion attached to
competing in a  competitive sport as well as finding belonging, discovering
love and the pursuit of happiness and triumph.

The Afrofuturistic feature film, seventeen years in the making, premieres
on Netflix, on 27 November 2020. Riding With Sugar boasts a celebrated cast
that includes Hakeem Kae-Kazim (*Black Sails*, *Pirates of the Caribbean*,
*X-Men*, *Hotel Rwanda*), alongside breakout stars Charles Mnene (*The Bill*,
*Holby City*, *Doctors*, *Ahead of the Class*) and Simona Brown (*Guilt, *the
*Roots *remake*, *and *Him*).

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