Orijin Marula recently hosted the Breakfast Club Experience as part of the brand’s series of activations at 012 Central in the capital, Pretoria with DJ Lamiez. Orijin Marula is a cool, young and NEW spirit introduced to the market to shake up the spirit world of brands –  targeted  at young, cool, vibey and stylish consumers. 
Orijin Marula launched in March ,as a game-changing addition to the white spirits category. Born in West Africa and crafted from distinctive African botanicals, the South African variant is gently blended with the unique smoothness of Marula to deliver a taste sensation that’s new and exciting but true to its African origins.   
The beverage brand Orijin Marula pronounced as “jin” instead of the normal “gin” as it has always been the case with other brands is targeting the LSM 5-8 with a mix of young generation that enjoys finer things in life and the brand is sure to provide exactly that experience.
Diageo’s Innovation Marketing Manager Refilwe Moswane says the beverage is 35% abv which does not make them 100% the usual type of gin which makes it more enjoyable. We’re a gin brand with a “j” and we did that deliberately as we wanted to define who we are and stand out, we are unapologetic about missing the “g”. We don’t conform to what’s happening to this congested gin market, we are different and we love being different and that is what we want people to know and notice about us.”, said Refilwe.
She further added  that “It celebrates originality and champions African excellence by challenging stereotypes. African originals don’t just passively accept and emulate what others do. They stay true to their roots, command respect, and are carving out their own place in the contemporary world. And they want a drink which reflects that.”

“With my birthday weekend coming up, I’m super excited to have received this great  Orijin hamper,  because they stand for all that I am and all that I’ve worked so hard to stand for. I am proudly, loudly and authentically ME! What else do we have in common? Well, young, bold and fresh!!!” said Lamiez

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