1. This is your second season partnering with Rémy Martin on the Team Up campaign, what made you want to continue this partnership?

This may be the second season of partnering up with Rémy Martin, but it feels completely fresh and new to me. We are telling a different story about artists and have the opportunity to spread the story of African music. Our main goal is for everyone to learn and witness.

  • What has been the highlight of your partnership with Rémy Martin so far?

The highlight of my partnership with Rémy Martin was traveling to Versailles- the home of Rémy Martin Cognac. Seeing how they grow the grapes, and the process of making Rémy Martin was amazing. I was also able to meet the people behind this drink that we all love, which was incredible.

  • The Team Up for Excellence campaign is a celebration of collaboration, shared values, and the success it generates. What do you think makes you are your team work so well together?

What makes my team and I work so well together is that we believe in each other and truly want to see each other shine and do well, through constant support and being there for one another.

  • How have each of your team members contributed to your journey to success? 

They all have shared valuable skills and guidance, which I often find myself referring back to with every step of the way.

  • South African is certainly a blending of cultures, why do you think the Team Up for Excellence campaign will resonate with the local audience?

I think South Africans have always been great explorers of things, new concepts, new ideas. The Team Up for Excellence campaign is so relatable because everybody is looking for that excellence.

Everybody is trying to level up in terms of how they collaborate and seeing how we’ve collaborated with this brand has definitely shone a light on this campaign.

  • What does it mean to you to be part of this international brand and having your name and face next to other music icons like Usher?

It’s humbling, no one is obliged to work with anyone, people work with who they choose to work with. It’s humbling to be in an environment where you able to work with people that want to work with you and to be able to do amazing things.

  • The campaign is all about collaboration, who is one local or international artist that you would love to Team Up with to make music?

I would like to team up with a guy like Shaggy, I love his music and his vibe.  

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