Local lifestyle brand Freedom of Movement (FOM) and Siya
Kolisi’s shared passions for South Africa, local design and the celebration
and upliftment of local communities, brought to life the new limited
edition veldskoen named *FOM x Kolisi Zwide*, their unique interpretation
of the iconic South African ‘vellie’, as part of a campaign aiming to pay
tribute to Siya’s home town Zwide in the Eastern Cape.

Following on the success of the first veldskoen launched in aid of raising
funds to build the Mbekweni field, the new FOM x Kolisi *Zwide* range now
includes the long awaited black Vellie. The first of its kind for FOM, the
black Vellie launch will be followed by a variety of black limited-edition
bags and an apparel item as part of this campaign to fund a sports
infrastructure project in Zwide in partnership with Siya Kolisi, the Kolisi
Foundation and the Millennium Trust.

Says Siya Kolisi “This is a very personal one for me. Growing up in Zwide
is where all my dreams started. Now, being able to make a difference is key
as I want to ensure the story of the next generation is different from
mine. Being a part of this collaboration means a lot to me and I know it
will help to make a significant difference in the community of Zwide. I
believe that equipping the kids with better infrastructure to live their
dreams will bring hope and offer that little bit of encouragement they may
need to strive for their dreams”.

Says Roal Boezaart, co-founder of Freedom of Movement “Motivated by the
overwhelming support that the Mbekweni project received, we gained the
courage and confidence to do more and to give back more. The *Zwide*
campaign was the natural next chapter in this story and designing this
range together with Siya has been a dream come true. This is even more
personal and even more connected to Siya and we can’t wait to see the
impact that it will have. Our hope is that South Africans will be as
inspired and captivated by this campaign as we are.”

Says Léan Boezaart, co-founder of Freedom of Movement “We know how sport
can unite a nation. We also believe that businesses regardless of size,
have a role to play in uplifting communities and creating possibilities for
future stars whether it’s on the rugby field or as an entrepreneur. We hope
that this initiative will inspire other South Africans to make a meaningful
difference in our country as we strive to drive change together.”

The *FOM X Kolisi Black *Vellie will be a limited-edition range and is
available online <https://www.freedomofmovement.co.za/> or at any of
our signature
FOM stores <https://www.freedomofmovement.co.za/stockists/>.

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