Imagine a South Africa where no one is cash strapped or poverty stricken. What a crazy
thought Meet OneSpark, the new insurer on the block that’s completely re-inventing insurance and
doing everything they can to create a better future for all South Africans.
OneSpark’s founders, Greg Smith & Josh Kaplan have always been purpose-driven, passionate
South African entrepreneurs. They have lived their lives under the single-minded pursuit of
trying to uplift people and society at large. That’s why they became actuaries, designed
dozens of award-winning insurance products, helped create one of Africa’s largest Social
Impact Bonds and finally, started OneSpark, an insurance company with the sole purpose of
helping the working class to lead better lives.
Their time in the insurance industry showed them that the current insurance landscape for
the most vulnerable members of society was exploitative and making massive profits for
insurers at the expense of consumers. Having regard to the words of the great Madiba “A
nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones”, they
decided to change things and innovate for those who can’t do it for themselves.
Combining their commitment to socially responsible products with advanced technology they
have created world-first insurance products where the premiums are 50% less than the
market. While they were proud of this, it just wasn’t enough. They didn’t just want to help
people save money, they wanted to empower them to lead better lives.
OneSpark’s goal: Change Lives and create a Nation of Millionaires.
With the help of several actuarial and product breakthroughs and patented algorithms, they
have created a world first product which they believe has the power to change South Africa.
They call it the Millionaire Funeral Plan. It pays R50 000 if you claim and R1 million if you don’t,
for a premium starting from only 99c per day.
They also wanted to give South Africans the dignity and financial freedom to own their own
homes, own their own cars, send their children to university and put food on the table for
years, while ensuring they are comprehensively protected should they pass away or suffer a
disability. So, they designed world-first affordable life and disability products to do just this.
At calculated needs-matched durations, clients can get a R1 million cashback to buy their own
home, a R500 000 cashback to buy their dream car, a R250 000 cashback to send their children
to university, and a R100 000 cashback so that no one goes to bed hungry.
These breakthroughs, among their other world first products that are soon to roll out, helped
earn OneSpark the backing of some of the largest and most trusted names in insurance
globally, giving OneSpark the ability to grow, scale quickly and change as many lives as
OneSpark’s vision: For every one million South Africans we protect, our products will inject
at least R1 trillion back into the South African economy.
If OneSpark gets to protect a million South Africans, that’s at least R1 trillion that that they
can give back to the most vulnerable members of our society, helping to change the
trajectory of South Africa at large.
Our president has asked for South Africans to stand up, find innovative solutions and fight
for a better future for our people. OneSpark is doing their part to help create a better South
Africa for all.
We’re excited to change lives and can’t wait to see how many South Africans we can make
millionaires! Looking to change your life too? Then take a look at our Millionaire Funeral
Plan, from only 99 cents a day. For further information and to sign up, visit

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