SANCA National has been appointed as the implementation partner of the
new Responsible Beverage Services (RBS) Initiative targeting licensed
liquor traders in Alexandra Township. The “I love Alex” project is a
public private initiative, which is one of six global city pilot
projects funded by AB inBev Foundation across the globe. These
projects pioneer and test evidence-based programs and innovations that
address drunk driving, underage drinking, binge drinking, or other
issues of local relevance, including alcohol related violence.
Currently the I Love Alex project is implementing a number of programs
in the Alexandra community including the screening and brief
intervention (SBI), expansion and upgrade of the Alcohol Evidence
Centre at the Metro Police Department’s (JMPD) Marlboro Testing
Centre, and others.These programs are aimed at increasing enforcement,
training primary care practitioners, supporting legislative reforms,
developing campaigns to shift social norms, and more.

RBS is a community-based approach to reducing the risks associated
with the sale of alcohol by licensed liquor traders in Alexandra. The
initiative is currently recruiting 60 licensed liquor traders around
Alexandra, to join the programme and participate as key influencers in
preventing the sale of alcohol to minors, reduction of excessive
alcohol consumption and in addressing other alcohol related harms at
community level.

Recruitment is the first phase in the many intervention steps that
will be carried over a period of one year in partnership with key
stakeholders that include; Gauteng Liquor Board, South African Police
Services, the Department of Health, Department of Education, the Alex
Community Policing Forum and South African Breweries.  Liquor traders
can expect intensive education and training, support in terms of laws
and regulations, good business practise and staying profitable, tools
to equip them to be good “first-line ambassadors” in their efforts to
reduce under-age drinking as well as excessive drinking.  They should
also expect great prizes that will see them upgrade their
establishments to be safer and more secure for their customers.

SANCA as one of the specialists in the alcohol and drug abuse
prevention and treatment, see this partnership initiative as an
opportunity for the organisation to lead in collective partnerships
and industry collaborations aiming to find lasting solutions to social
ills resulting from alcohol abuse in South Africa.  “For us to really
see the impact, we need to learn to work together, leverage our
limited resources in terms of budgets, insights and expertise. This is
a huge societal issue that we cannot solve by only pointing fingers”
Clara Monnakgotla (SANCA RBS Project Manager) said

“We are excited to be finally launching this project in Alex. It is
important for us to collaborate and put to centre and support liquor
traders to be part of the solution to harmful alcohol use in Alexandra
, encourage  them to lead the movement as we find best practices that
can be expanded to other communities” said Thoko Budaza (AB inBev

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